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Alan's Music Group with years of experience in artist development, production, publishing and management is available to help you with your next project. We can help educate and guide you to make the best of their music career. Whether you're a professional or independent artist serious about your music career and ready to take the next step, give us a call (615) 474-0162.

We can also help with country radio marketing and promotion plus videos.

Full Production and Demo Service

Alan's Music Group is available to help you with a full production album with some of Nashville's top producers, musicians and songwriters. For more information call (615) 474-0162.

Demo services are also available, with just guitar and vocals to a full band.

Listen to Samples of Our Work

On our music page you will find song samples of artist we have work with. We feel you will hear the quality of our work with these song samples and let you decide. If you like what you hear and would like us to work with you on your next project please call (615) 474-0162.

Ben Stillwater Country Artist

Ben Stillwater is a country artist that we have worked with over the years. Here is a little about Ben Stillwater and this is his latest project. Ben Stillwater and the Sound of Country Rhythm Trio are quickly bringing traditional sounds back to the forefront by combining the stand-up bass and archtop rhythm with an electric hollowbody playing through a Fender tube amp. This “country rhythm” combination is a continuation of the sound that started Rock ‘n Roll with notables like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Sonny James branding their own variations of this style. Enjoy the history, enjoy the rhythm, and enjoy the old west with the vibrant music of Ben Stillwater and the Sound of Country Rhythm Trio!"